Installing Cutenews Tutorial

Most sites use a news updating service, the most common being Cutenews. This tutorial explores the steps required to install this news system.


1. First of all, download cutenews here
2. Login to your FTP server (ex: net2ftp).
3. Upload the CuteNews zip folder.
4. Inside the uploaded folder, select data.
5. Click Chmod (in net2ftp, it's on the upper right corner).
6. In the box with the numbers (usually 775) type 777
7. Check the 2 boxes below (the subdirectories inside and the files inside)
8. Wait until till everything is processed.
9. Now, this is the important step-copy and paste this code where you want your content to be:

<?PHP include("path/to/show_news.php")?>

10. Change the path/to/show_news.php to cutenews/show_news.php
11. Now go (if it's not .com, go to your site's url/cutenews/index.php)
12. Follow the steps for your username and password and then your done.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact me about it.