Editing My Layouts Tutorial

A lot of you whine and go "Aww, why do we have to download your free layout? Why can't you just give us a code to copy and paste so that we can use it?".
Well, here is my reply "To save Bandwith, and to have your own host supporting the images".

Starting Up

First of all, download the layout you want. Once its downloaded, go to the folder that it is in. There, you will see different files, some pictures, and sometimes a note about the layout, and of course, the index page. Open up the index page and check if the layout appears properly with all the images in it. Once that is checked, its time to edit!

The Content Area

Go to the part that has this:

Don't get confused! Whatever is inside the content starts here and ends here will show up =]

Headers and Such

Basic commands:

to Make the content box type this. However, this is not available in every layout:

To make a header (with the title), type this:

Sometimes, another header is available, type this:

Sometimes, even a third header is available, mostly used in the navigation:

You can also use the basic commands such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike, and others.