Creating a Database Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial to teach you how to create an MySQL database.

What you need

In this tutorial, I'm going to use PHPmyAdmin which is available in most hosts-mine being
What you need:

Setting Up Your Database

A database stores information inserted into its tables. MySQL databases are important in creating various interfaces including login systems, customized tagboards, forums, Oekakis, and much more.

1.After logging into your control panel, click "Manage databases"(If you are using Dreamhost, it is located in the Overview).
2.Scroll down and fill your information, like so:(using Dreamhost and most hosts):

Database Name
This is one of the most important steps into creating your database, your database names I advise you to do it in this format:
For example, let's say your site is called mysite and your database is oekaki, you'll do this:

Use Hostname / New Hostname
For this tutorial, I recommend typing a new host name. For example:

First User / New Username / Pass
Again, I advise you to use a new Username.

Done? Click Create!

You have created your first database. To set up tables inside the database, check out our creating tables tutorial. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.