Changing Colors

In this tutorial, we will be aiming to change the color of an image. If you found an image that you like, but the colors of certain aspects of it are not what you want, you can alter it this way.

Finished Result


What You Need

- Photoshop (I use CS4)
- General Knowledge about the Program


1) Create a new layer, going Layer ---> New Layer

2) On the new layer, set the Mode to Overlay

3) Select the brush tool from the toolbar and a color (I chose blue). Start coloring a section of the image. I colored the dress:

4) Create another new layer and set it to overlay too. Now color another part of the character. Here, I colored her hair:

5) Create yet another new layer and set it to overlay. Color another part with the same color that you used preferably.

6) This is optional. If you are using a PNG, you do not need to do this. Create a new layer and drag it just above the original image and below the overlayed layers. Set this layer on overlay too. Color the background / surroundings with the same color or another one.

7) Save the image [ (.png preferably) ].

And, you're done.