Voids are your Hearts and Souls..

fajpfajpofja I'm back you guyyys ;w;
I missed you all very much! So where was I? Oh yeah, my laptop broke 2 months ago. Guess what? I bought a NEW one! Yep, a brand new laptop! Finally! I thank my parents for being kind enough to buy me this new laptop as a surprise present (No, the fact that I kept telling them how much I wish for a new one has nothing to do with this). It feels good to have something from your parents once in a while, even though you try to be indepdent. Speaking of that, I need to buy a new Ipod, my old one died orz It lived a long life, since 2002. Wow.
Anyway, this design is extremely simple. Easily the simplest design I have ever made. But, for some reason I can't describe, I feel so proud atm ;^; It might be because this is my first design after such a long time, or just the simplicity of the layout overwhelmes me, OR it's because of Redjuice's beautiful artwork.
Speaking on Guilty Crown, I didn't like the anime that much. It was extrmely cliche and predictable. Still, I have to admit, the soundtrack is catchy and Redjuice's artworks are as beautiful as ever, not to mention Supercell <3
Anyway, enough of this ranting on and on! Enjoy the design :D Man, feels good to be back~

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