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"Hoping to reach you one day..."
Thank you for previewing/downloading "Solitude" from This design features artwork by Nakamura Yuusuke. I really enjoy Nakamura Yuusuke's work, particularly due to his involvement in the show Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, otherwise known as The Tatami Galaxy. His art is very simple but vivid. Originally, this design was actually intended to be used for Pokeshore, but I decided to offer it as a free layout in the end.
Hope you enjoy it (:

Using this Layout

These are the steps on how to download this design.

1- Click Download on the layout (previous page). A popup will appear, please click save.
2- Once the file is saved to your computer, unzip it using Winzip.
3- Open index.html and edit anything you want, this is not required though.
4- Go to your site, click Upload, upload the file containing the layout and the images.
You're done! Please don't direct link images from


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The extras for this layout are (5) avatars/icons. Please do not use them seperately if you are not going to use the entire design itself.