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Oooo, neon colors, no?!
I've been doing too many calm or dark themed designs that I needed to make something hyper, flashy, and just out on thwe open. So, yeah, this design was born. Features Hatsune Miku from the famous Vocaloid.
I actually had a really good day until I came upon an argument with a friend :I I hate when people are stubborn and don't believe in the facts they see in front of them. I mean, I admit everybody is stubborn at some point, of course including me (miss stubborn), but, seriously? If I had factual information laid out in front of me (graphs and statistics), then I would definitely take them into consideration (although, being stubborn, I probably wouldn't WANT to believe them)
Well, instead of complaining about my beautiful life, let me hope you guys enjoy this design :D I hope I pulled off the neon look well in this one!

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