Midnight Parade

... Into the past
Thank you for previewing / downloading Midnight Parade by Yumi A. from Pokeshore.com.
I have been inactive for a very long time, and this is the first free design in quite a while (around 3 months?)
This design is actually extremely simple, and somewhat limited. I would recommend using it for a blog website or a website that does not handle that much content on many different pages. That is, unless you decide to link the top pages to a page with even more pages (ingenius idea, I know).
I really missed graphic designing. I really did. But life has really been tough on me lately, and I understand the idea of balancing your time, but I just can't seem to be able to do everything right orz.
On another note, I've taken up art once again. I've been able to sell some of my old things and worked part time, and soon enough I'm buying a Wacom Cintiq 12wx (Hopefully, really soon). Ok, instead of rambling on and off about irrelevent matters, let me tell you to enjoy this design until next time~

Using this Layout

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2- Once the file is saved to your computer, unzip it using Winzip.
3- Open index.html and edit anything you want, this is not required though.
4- Go to your site, click Upload, upload the file containing the layout and the images.
You're done! Please don't direct link from THIS site.


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