Classic Misfortune

Classic Misfortune..
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I really don't know what to say about this design, mostly because it was made on September 16th, 2013 and here I am trying to type this description on April 26th, 2015. It's actually kind of frightening, in a way, how fast time flies by. Truthfully, I don't feel like much time has passed since I've worked on Pokeshore, but it really has been a while. In fact, I've spent the past couple of days rereading and editing the website itself. The feeling one gets when they read old things they have written is the worst. I cannot even come to explain the amount of cringe I had as I filed through the pages of Pokeshore- Even the way I speak has changed throughout the years haha
Anyways, it seems as if my ramblings are the one thing that refuse to change, so I'll cut it short here. On a simple note, I'm impressed with past me for designing this layout, it's very easy on the eyes.

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1- Click Download on the layout (previous page). A popup will appear, please click save.
2- Once the file is saved to your computer, unzip it using Winzip.
3- Open index.html and edit anything you want, this is not required though.
4- Go to your site, click Upload, upload the file containing the layout and the images.
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